Onstage is a Danish brand that specializes in leather and in producing the most delicious products from the soft material. Onstage creates timeless designs that won't move out of your wardrobe once they're in. Classic silhouettes and simple cuts give you delicious leather clothes that you can easily match with other favorites in the closet. Onstage has a unique ability to add unique details to the delicious designs that tap into the trends and trends of the time. It is therefore easy to feel chic in clothes from Onstage.

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      Onstage is quality and comfort

      When you buy clothes that are made of leather, it is important that you do not compromise on either quality or comfort. We therefore recommend that you choose clothing from Onstage. The quality is high and means that you will enjoy the clothes for many years.

      There is always a focus on comfort when Onstage's designers sit at the drawing board. This results in designs that are comfortable to wear. The clothes do not stick to your body, but are instead a buttery soft pleasure to wear.

      Clothes from Onstage are produced under orderly conditions. The manufacturer in India is ISO certified and has its own tannery where they follow the entire production process. No compromises are made anywhere in the value chain, which is just one of the many reasons why Onstage is one of our personal favourites.