UBR outdoor


It is a special pleasure to have been shown the trust to negotiate UBR.

With its unique design, UBR has its origin in industrial design. The primary inspiration is found in the "automotive industry" and at Apple - both in a design and expression, meeting the challenges of the weather and the active type to have a functional product.

In addition to the high quality and technical specifications of the products, each line has its own special structure. The jackets are known for their multi-functions and customized features that accommodate the long range of weather shifts. And temperature fluctuations we have during the year.

The products are all unique and with the same high standard, each line has its own special features in the wide collection. The most commercial models have been proven and have a very high repurchase of those who know the products.

We look forward to showing you some different models from their collection.

2 products

2 products