Gift card - Personal - Klosterfrk

Gift card - Personal - Klosterfrk

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Here you can order a gift card

Give a gift card and you are sure that the recipient will get what is at the top of the wish list.

The physical gift card is brass-coloured and has the size and shape of a credit card and can be used partially, where the amount is simply written down. It comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box.

We put name / initials on it so that it is personal and cannot be misused as it is also numbered. Naturally sent free of charge.

If you want the card to be for a different amount than the specified options, you are welcome to contact us:

Tel: 7562 0555


The gift card has no expiry date and has applicable rules such as other conditions for gift cards and their redemption.

If you can't find the amount you want, please contact us and we will send you one for exactly the amount you want