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Gorridsen is fashion with meaning. With her many years of experience in the fashion industry, Marianne Benedicte Gorridsen has created the sustainable knitting concept, which shows itself in timeless designs. Common to Gorridsen designs is the high quality in terms of both yarn, technique and craftsmanship. Good fit is a high priority at Gorridsen, and every piece of clothing is therefore thoroughly worked out, tested and adapted before it is actively put into production. These are unique values that we don't see in many places, and which therefore make Gorridsen something very special. Just look here on the page.

11 products

11 products

Gorridsen is a slow input in the fast fashion industry

It must be said that Gorridsen does away with the fast-fashion way of thinking. The beautiful designs from Gorridsen keep their relevance season after season. You are therefore guaranteed a piece of clothing that will please you for many years.

In other words, Gorridsen has established a brand that is more than just fashion. Gorridsen basically consists of values that create something for more than just the customers. For example, when you buy a Gorridsen blouse in 100% baby alpaca, you are also helping Peruvian women to work their way out of extreme poverty. The women's skilled hands create Gorridsen designs and they thus have a business that helps them maintain a commendable life.