We Norwegians

Norwegian products in the highest quality, focusing on sustainability and comfort.

Delicate and High-End items that are usable throughout the year.

We Norwegians is a Norwegian knitwear company, based in Voss, Norway . We specialize in the design and production of premium merino wool products. The idea behind the We Norwegians brand is to utilize the natural benefits that wool provides, and make sustainable garments with nature's own technical functionality in a contemporary and modern design, yet inspired by traditional Norwegian styles. Our designs are a mix of modern basics and traditional Norwegian knitting patterns.

We Norwegians is the antithesis of disposable fashion. The quality of the fabrics, yarns and craftsmanship is for the discerning audience. We want our customers to utilize the clothing as pieces they can build their wardrobe around. The design is more style driven and less fashion driven. This provides more timeless apparel that you can keep and wear for a longer span of time.

1 product

1 product