Elegant romance, soft silhouettes and understated luxury. This is how the beautiful collections from Heartmade can best be described. And yet the description does not quite live up to the completed designs that Heartmade presents season after season. It is clear that Julie Fagerholt, who is the woman behind the brand, has an ability to create clothing collections with an eye for finesse and not least the women to whom the collections are addressed. 

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43 products

43 products

Heartmade: High-quality materials and the world as a source of inspiration

Many thoughts are considered at the drawing board when new collections are created in Heartmade. The most important thing for the designers and creator behind Heartmade is that women feel comfortable in the clothes. Heartmade is for women who appreciate feminine luxury, soft silhouettes and beautiful details.

Design, comfort and quality must play together in a trinity that makes you shine. For the same reason, the designers also do not compromise with the choice of material, which is always of a quality in which you can feel safe and comfortable.

Heartmade is inspired by the whole world when designing new collections. With the whole world as a source of inspiration, the brand always creates fashionable designs, where unique prints play a decisive leading role.

At Klosterfrøkenerne you will find a comprehensive selection of clothes from Heartmade. You will quickly discover that Heartmade is something very special - and that it is hard not to be drawn in by the fine and feminine designs.