On this page you will find nice, completely stylish and classic models from the Swedish manufacturer Stenströms, who have long since celebrated their 120th anniversary. It all started with classic shirts for men, and only for men. They quickly became known for their exceptional tailoring quality and delicate meter goods, which therefore expanded to include a modest women's collection as well. When you choose Stenströms, you are always stylish, elegant and well dressed in very high quality!

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      181 products

      181 products

      Quality design that stays in the family

      Stenströms was founded in 1899 in Sweden. Stenströms is a shirt factory with a long and honorable history within the industry. The company was once created by August Stenström, and is still family-owned today. The founder August had a reputation for sewing both the best and the most elegant shirts. The family behind the company thoroughly maintains that reputation even today. Stenström's shirts are of particularly high quality, created for the style-conscious woman and man.

      Stenströms has long since reached far beyond Sweden's borders and today delights quality-conscious men and women around the world. Attention to detail and quality are Stenström's pride. It is truly a heat brand that the company manages to live up to.

      Stenströms at Klosterfrøknerne

      At Klosterfrøkenerne, we greatly appreciate the craftsmanship that Stenströms has managed to create with their shirts over time. And we are lucky enough that today the Swedish company not only designs shirts, but has expanded the palette with knitwear, jackets, sleepwear, accessories and underwear. These items are of course presented in our selection of quality goods from Stenström. You therefore have ample opportunity to explore an exciting universe of quality, craftsmanship and unique details.