If you haven't gotten to know Wolford yet, now is the time. Wolford is pure luxury that spoils your legs and feet. The brand is known for producing stockings, tights and bodywear from the best materials and textiles. Wolford produces their products using a specially developed technology that ensures high and uniform quality in every single product that Wolford offers. The technology increases the durability of your socks or tights, and you will rarely experience threads running or surface irregularities.

55 products

55 products

Treat yourself to luxury from Wolford

Since the beginning, Wolford has been an exclusive supplier of stockings, pantyhose and bodywear for women worldwide. Many see Wolford as a luxury item they treat themselves to. The feeling of comfort and well-being is paramount when you wear bodywear from Wolford, and it's hard not to smile confidently all day.

In other words; Once you've tried a Wolford product, it's hard to take them off again. You will clearly feel the difference. Match your dress or skirt with a quality product from Wolford. You won't regret it.

At Klosterfrøkenerne, we want to contribute elegance and luxury to your wardrobe, and we therefore have a large selection of designs from Wolford. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about sizes or the like. We always strive to provide customer service that matches Wolford's unmatched quality.