Dea Kudibal

Dea Kudibal designs sophisticated luxury with a feminine touch that only she can do. It's hard not to be drawn in by the Danish fashion designer's designs. Take a look at the page here and let yourself be seduced by the beautiful items from Dea Kudibal. 

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31 products

31 products

Fantastic prints drawn by hand

Dea Kudibal, who is the designer and creative director behind the clothing brand of the same name, started her story back in 2003. Here, a collection of exclusive scarves and shawls, all made from vintage fabric, made inroads into the fashion world. Dea Kudibal subsequently developed her designs on the drawing board, and in 2008 the first clothing collection landed, creating the Dea Kudibal we know today: Feminine prints, playful colors and flattering silhouettes.

Dea Kudibal: Inspired by cultures

Dea Kudibal is inspired by cultures when she creates works for her collections that almost constitute a poetic narrative. This is reflected in the exclusive materials, the dreamy colors and the refined, handmade details such as embroidery and pearls. The latter is a significant part of the special DNA that Dea Kudibal has built up in recent years, and which we at Klosterfrøkenerne are seduced by.

Fashion must be something special. It must be a special experience to play with the combination of colours, patterns and silhouettes – and that is exactly the kind of experience Dea Kudibal gives us.