Mulberry Belts

If you can't get enough of Mulberry, our Mulberry belts will most likely be hard to take your eyes off. We offer several of the popular models in Mulberry's well-known, high leather quality in brown or black leather, and you can choose from both completely discreet and more flashy, but still elegant, designs from Mulberry's hand.

4 products

4 products

Significant quality belts from Mulberry

A Mulberry belt quickly becomes a favorite among your accessories for both everyday life and parties. A belt from Mulberry exudes quality and good craftsmanship, and it quickly puts the finishing touch when you feel that your chosen outfit lacks that little something extra.

Depending on the collection, Mulberry belts are available with many significant expressions, and it is especially the eye-catching belt buckles that carry the look. For Mulberry connoisseurs, it will not be difficult to see that these are belts from Mulberry, and we hope that you will take the time to explore the options and find your next Mulberry belt here. At Klosterfroknerne, we want to be your favorite high-end store, and of course we offer a price guarantee on all our products from Mulberry.  

Timeless luxury design for the wardrobe

British Mulberry is a true master of luxury design, and although a Mulberry belt may seem like a simple accessory at first glance, nothing is left to chance in the design of the exclusive belts. Here you are truly guaranteed design of the highest caliber, and you get a timeless belt with countless styling options.

Mulberry has an incredible number of exciting collections behind it, and each collection has its own distinctive character. You can clearly see the belts here in the selection, which are very different, but of course with the commonality that they are really picky about the choice of materials and design down to the smallest detail.  Gift a Mulberry belt to someone you care about, or treat yourself to a very special belt that can be worn as often as you like and is sure to garner many admiring glances your way.

Want to see more from Mulberry?

It's no secret that we are incredibly proud to be an authorized Mulberry retailer, and our selection from Mulberry offers both Mulberry belts as well as various bags, purses and more. Find everything from Mulberry here and invest in your favorite designs from the iconic fashion house.