Mulberry Punge

There is no more classic and delicious design than what you get from the British Mulberry. It is almost an experience in itself to get a Mulberry purse in your hands and feel the special quality for the first time. At Klosterfroknerne, we can offer several of the popular purses from Mulberry, and we hope that you will find exactly the model of your dreams here in our selection.  

18 products

18 products

Wonderful Mulberry design in mini format

Many know Mulberry especially for the fashion house's exclusive bags, but Mulberry purses are at least as delicious, which are of course available in a matching design for your favorite bag. The leather is silky soft and the design is well thought out with small, understated details that really carry the expression, and a Mulberry purse is also functionally designed so that it can act as the perfect companion in everyday life.

The wallets have plenty of room for both cards and cash, and they are available in many different sizes with varying closing mechanisms. Some carry the iconic Postman's Lock, which for many is almost synonymous with Mulberry's design line, but some purses are also more anonymous in expression - still kept in Mulberry's high luxury quality, which so many love and return to again and again. Should your next purse be a purse from Mulberry, you can choose your desired design here among the many options.

Forever current quality design from Mulberry

A Mulberry purse combines the modern with the classic, and here you get a purse in a timeless design and an unrivaled leather quality, which ensures that your Mulberry purse will last both in terms of style and quality for many years. The purse only gets more beautiful with time due to the patina it gets from being used, and you can choose from Mulberry purses in both black and brown leather.

If you are a Mulberry fan, a Mulberry purse is undoubtedly a must-have, and if you haven't already found your favorite among the various designs, we hope you will take the time to immerse yourself in the exciting selection from Mulberry and find the perfect Mulberry purse for you. We look forward to receiving your order and sending your new Mulberry purse to you so that you can use it shortly.