Heartmade pants

Here at Klosterfroknerne, we carry a range of Heartmade products, including trousers, which fit perfectly into the wardrobe of the style-conscious woman. Heartmade is a brand – originally Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt – that is passionate about creating clothes for the modern woman who enjoys combining the feminine look with sophisticated details and classic silhouettes. In the selection you will find Heartmade trousers, which vary in both style and colour, so you can choose exactly the pair you need in your life.

9 products

9 products

Don't compromise on your style

Heartmade meets everyone's needs, as long as you focus on quality - and that is precisely why a pair of trousers from this brand is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Heartmade creates a new collection for each season, giving you ample opportunity to explore new styles, color palettes and trends as the seasons change. In the selection on this page, you will therefore find pants in leather, pants with a beautiful print or pants with stripes - and models in between.

Quality trousers from top to bottom

At Heartmade, it clearly shines through in every single design that the focus is on the loyal crowd of customers who love their style and products, and who appreciate that with Heartmade you get quality for all the money. In addition, every woman has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in unique items that emphasize personal style.

Explore our selection of trousers from Heartmade on this page and treat yourself to a pair that you will love to wear.