Mulberry masters time and time again creating luxury bags and accessories that are both functional and exude quality and magnificent craftsmanship. It is therefore not difficult to understand why many people are happy with Mulberry and see the purchase of a bag from Mulberry as a very special investment. Discover our Mulberry bags and various accessories from Mulberry online. At Klosterfrøknerne, we are an authorized Mulberry dealer in Denmark and can offer a wide range of popular models.

Note: We only show a small sample of Mulberry goods online, so do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone. 7562 0555 , If you are looking for a specific bag from Mulberry or want to buy one of the bags from the catalogue that is not online. Warranty certificates are included with all bags, and of course we ship free of charge.

18 products

18 products

Iconic classics and new favorites from Mulberry

Mulberry has enchanted young and old alike since the first Mulberry bag saw the light of day in 1971, when the company was founded by Roger Saul in Somerset. The main factory, The Rookery, was founded in 1989 and to this day is still the main nerve for all production of the classic Mulberry leather bag, and the development of new models. Best known is probably Mulberry Alexa, created in collaboration with the style icon Alexa Chung, or Mulberry Bayswater is a stylish and incredibly delicious leather bag that can be used both for everyday and for celebration. All in all, Mulberry guarantees good design with a very special versatility that makes every single Mulberry bag very useful.

Which Mulberry bag you should choose is largely a matter of your style preferences and the practical needs you want your new Mulberry bag to fulfill. Find models for both men and women in the range from Mulberry, and treat yourself to a new and timeless Mulberry bag for the collection. We negotiate a wide range of classic designs as well as several newer designs from Mulberry, and we can offer Mulberry bags in the price range from approx. 3000-13.000 kr. depending on the model.

A well-thought-out luxury bag for everyday use

Weekdays are of course the ones with the most, and why not make everyday a little more fun with a really nice everyday bag that you can take with you on the go and enjoy every single day? Suitable for both everyday and leisure are the Belgrave & Clipper models. The Billie and Millie Tote models also have the perfect size for everyday items, and regardless of your style, it is possible to find a Mulberry bag that matches your needs.

Timeless masterpieces

Like so many other brands in the fashion industry, Mulberry has also had to fight for its relevance in a time that is often more about change than about constants. Mulberry is a brand that manages to innovate – with respect for the classic design line and unrivaled leather quality that is Mulberry's trademark. The bag model Lily is a good example of this. It is forever changing – both in shape, color and material choice. If you're into Lily, we also think you're gonna love Iris, who, with her fine Mulberry hardware, is a bag, that fits most.

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