Heartmade dresses

Heartmade was created by Danish Julie Fagerholt in 1998 and is a much-loved brand among many fashion-conscious women. Especially the elegant Heartmade dresses are popular, and we are proud to present a wide selection of models here at Klosterfrøknerne. With a Heartmade dress ready in the wardrobe, the clothes crisis is over, just before you have to go out the door, and you can look forward to a very special and timeless dress that can be enjoyed year after year.

10 products

10 products

The most beautiful Heartmade dresses for the style-conscious woman

Heartmade dresses are feminine and stylish, and they are created in carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Julie Fagerholt gets her inspiration from all over the world, and the result is incredibly exciting and colorful Heartmade dresses that give new life to the wardrobe.

In a dress from Heartmade, you stand out from the crowd and really have the opportunity to show off your personality. The dresses can be worn throughout all seasons and are beautiful both with tights or leggings and with bare legs on hot summer days. Should your next dress be a dress from Heartmade, all you have to do is explore our current selection of Heartmade dresses and choose your next dress here. A Heartmade dress is a great choice for any occasion, and we hope that will be your experience when you get your Heartmade dress home soon.