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      With a Heartmade scarf you have the perfect accessory for any outfit. It can both make a festive outfit more relaxed and give a classic white shirt more life. On this page you will find a carefully selected range of scarves from Heartmade - originally Heartmade y Julie Fagerholt - in different, delicious patterns and colours.

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      Use scarves from Heartmade as an addition to your style

      At Heartmade you will find scarves that fit perfectly into every woman's wardrobe. If you are looking for a beautiful silk scarf, in delicious shades and patterns, then Heartmade is the right brand for you. They have understood how to combine trendy colors so that you can easily use the scarves with your existing clothing style.

      A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories that can be used in both summer and winter and the seasons in between. Use one of the delicious silk scarves as decoration for a dress or shirt or tie it around your hair for an extra personal expression.

      Buy your scarves at Klosterfroknerne

      Heartmade is one of the Danish brands that we carry here at Klosterfrøknerne. We take pride in selecting some brands that can offer some delicious, stylish products - and that is why Heartmade is a completely natural part of our store.

      If you have any questions about the selection of scarves or other more general questions, you are always welcome to contact us.