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      Love Moschino creates beautiful and unique accessories that you can get your hands on here at Klosterfrøkenerne. Bold details, great colors and new shapes play the main role in the completed designs from Love Moschino. It's hard not to get carried away in the playful universe that Love Moschino invites us into. It's fantastic when fashion bursts with creativity and life.

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      Italian fashion of high quality and with a good sense of humor

      On this page, you can see our selection of accessories from Love Moschino. We have carefully selected our personal favourites, which all have in common that they put a unique and personal touch on your look.

      Love Moschino is the little sister of the renowned fashion brand Moschino. Love Moschino was founded in 1983, and since then has become a much-loved fashion hit among it-girls and trendsetters worldwide.

      The creative director behind the fashion house is Jeremy Scott. Jeremy Scott is known, and not least recognized, for his bold and humorous approach to fashion, which is clearly seen in the unique designs of Love Moschino. Courage, humor and creativity describe Love Moschino well - but it is also difficult for the brand to run away from its Italian roots. Which there is no reason for either. Love Moschino is sublime craftsmanship and uncompromising quality that only the Italians can create.