Mulberry Alexa

Alexa is one of Mulberrys really big darlings. If you yourself dream of owning a Mulberry Alexa, you will find the bag in selected colors and models here, where you can also quickly find the Danish Mulberry Alexa price. We proudly stock the bags from Mulberry, who have captivated us with their timeless designs and impressive sense of craftsmanship since 1971.  Which Mulberry Alexa is your personal favorite?

15 products

15 products

Popular classic from Mulberry

The first Mulberry Alexa was launched in 2010 as a tribute to one of the greatest style icons of the time Alexa Chung, and Mulberry Alexa can today be enjoyed in both a mini, a medium and an oversized model. This gives ample opportunity to acquire a Mulberry Alexa for any purpose, and the Mulberry Alexa is both an all-time everyday bag and a beautiful bag to have with you on special occasions.

Production of Mulberry Alexa bags stopped for a short period in 2016, but already in 2020, Mulberry chose to relaunch the bag series due to massive demand. The Mulberry Alexa can be worn both as a classic handbag and as a crossbody bag, which makes it extra versatile, and the Mulberry Alexa is a bag that only gets more elegant with use, giving it a beautiful patina. Here you get a sophisticated classic that exudes quality and, thanks to its high degree of usability, will quickly become a permanent companion on your road.