Mulberry Alexa - Oversized


      Mulberry Alexa Oversized is the largest of the Alexa bags from Mulberry. It carries all the iconic details such as the braided top handle and the double Postman closure mechanism and is of course created in the same buttery soft leather as the other Alexa bags. We sell a limited selection, but always strive to ensure that you can find the bag in several colors here. The Mulberry Alexa Oversized has a really good size, which makes it a very versatile and useful bag.

      2 products

      2 products

      A classic with growing pains

      The first Alexa bag from Mulberry saw the light of day in 2010, and the bag is available today in three different sizes, respectively a mini, a medium and an oversized model. It is the latter that you have the opportunity to acquire here, where we are delighted to offer the Mulberry Alexa Oversized in selected colours. The bag is confusingly similar to the original Mulberry Alexa bag, but with the decisive difference that the Mulberry Alexa Oversized is larger and thus extra roomy. Below you will find the measurements of the bag, so you can get an idea of the extra space you get by choosing the Mulberry Alexa Oversized over one of the smaller models.


      Product dimensions:

      Height: 32 cm

      Width: 37 cm

      Depth: 17 cm

      Length of shoulder strap: 104 cm

      Hank: 5,5 cm