Mulberry Bayswater

With its austere and timeless look, the Mulberry Bayswater is a coveted darling among Mulberry bags. The iconic bag is available in selected colors here at Klosterfrøknerne at a Danish Mulberry Bayswater price, and if you dream of a Mulberry Bayswater, it's just a matter of taking a look at the options and finding your preferred model online. The Mulberry Bayswater is a bag that never goes out of fashion and thus a safe choice for your collection.

35 products

35 products

Elegant design with high functionality

The Mulberry Bayswater is an incredibly roomy bag thanks to adjustable internal belt buckles that quickly provide extra space as needed. The bag is therefore incredibly suitable for everyday use. The design is simple and understated, which is perhaps what has made the Mulberry Bayswater so popular. The bag was launched in 2003 and has undergone minor design adjustments since then, but the design is still true to the original design line. Many will think that you get some of that here in terms of design best from Mulberry's hand, and a Mulberry Bayswater is a bag that only gets more beautiful with age when it gets a little patina. Buy it at the Danish Mulberry Bayswater price here, and look forward to using the bag before long.

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