Mulberry Bayswater - Mini


      Meet the little sister of the classic Bayswater bag. The Mulberry Mini Bayswater is a miniature version of the iconic Mulberry Bayswater, first launched in 2003 and today one of Mulberry's most popular bags. The Mulberry Mini Bayswater has a really nice size for the essentials you need to take with you on the go, and the bag is available in a multitude of exciting colors to suit every taste. Find it in selected colors here at Klosterfroknerne, and treat yourself to a very special bag from fantastic Mulberry.

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      Well-known Mulberry design in mini format

      Despite its size and the sporty undertones that separate the bag from its more classic older sister, it's not hard to see where the inspiration for the Mulberry Mini Bayswater comes from. The bag is equipped with Mulberry's well-known Postman's Lock, beautiful silver components, removable and adjustable leather strap, two handles and a main compartment with an inner pocket for e.g. credit cards. The bag is suitable for everyday use as well as for a night out, and the Mulberry Mini Bayswater is an incredibly exciting addition to your collection, regardless of whether you are also the lucky owner of the original Mulberry Bayswater or not. Here you get a quality bag that stands the distance year after year and only gets even more beautiful with use.