Mulberry Millie


      Mulberry Millie Tote is a simple and soft leather bag with many uses. Here you get a really spacious bag with room for a smaller laptop, which makes it an all-time everyday bag, but the shoulder bag can also easily be used on an evening out. We sell the Mulberry Millie Tote in several colours, and you are always welcome to contact us to find out more about the current options for acquiring a Mulberry Millie Tote from Klosterfrøknerne.

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      Modern bag with well-thought-out details

      The Mulberry Millie Tote is made in Mulberry's well-known quality leather, which only gets better over the years as the bag acquires a little patina. As a special detail, this model has a small clutch that fastens with a button on the leather strap, so it's close at hand on shopping trips and can also be taken separately when you don't need your bag on the go but still want to could bring credit cards and more. The Mulberry Millie Tote is a different Mulberry bag that gives a breath of fresh air to the collection, and if the Mulberry Millie Tote is yours, it's just a matter of getting it ordered online here, so that you can use it before long and really enjoy the bag , as it deserves to be enjoyed.