Mulberry Sadie


      Mulberry Sadie is a series of bags that combine classic and timeless leather craftsmanship with eye-catching and extremely well-considered details. The typography lock is a stunning piece of graphic hardware that will meet many appreciative glances your way, and the Mulberry Sadie is, overall, a bag that will turn admiring eyes in the wearer's direction.

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      Another impressive design from the hand of Mulberry

      Mulberry Sadie is in many ways a tribute to Mulberry's typographic identity. Instead of the iconic Postman's Lock or other of the more common closure mechanisms that are often seen on Mulberry bags, a different – and absolutely impressive – typographical closure has been chosen here, removing any doubt as to who the fashion house behind this bag is. The bag itself has a relaxed silhouette and a spacious design that makes it great as both an everyday bag and a bag for more formal occasions.

      If the Mulberry Sadie is exactly the bag you've been looking for, you can buy your favorite model at Klosterfrøknerne. As we are only allowed to show a limited selection of Mulberry bags on the webshop, you will find far from all our Mulberry bags here.