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      Nadine H creates new favorites for your wardrobe with uncompromising design, where the focus is on the quality of the materials, the feminine details on beautiful silhouettes. Designs from Nadine H are suitable for a day at the office, but equally well for a festive event. The possibilities are many, the most important thing is that you choose the clothes that reflect who you are. And that is exactly what Nadine H makes possible.

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      Feminine and detailed design from Nadine H

      Nadine H creates clothes for women. This is one of the reasons why the clothes are characterized by feminine colours, patterns and details and give you the opportunity to play with your own look. As the creator behind Nadine H himself puts it: "Feminine is exactly what you are. And that is why our collection is not just black and white, but rich in different expressions – just like our customers are"
      It is a statement that we at Klosterfrøkenerne appreciate. Fashion is individual, and we should all be able to reflect ourselves in the clothes we choose. We need to feel comfortable all day long.

      Let yourself be inspired by Nadine H's fine approach to fashion and design, and find your favorites among the beautiful items. There is something here for every taste – and every personality.