Stenström's shirts


      Regardless of whether you are in the office, on a city break or out on the town with friends, the shirt is a safe choice - and for the modern woman it is also a classic that can be used for many different outfits, depending on accessories and footwear. At Klosterfrøknerne, we take pride in finding nice shirts for you who value quality, fit and design, which is why shirts from Stenströms are a natural part of the selection.  

      54 products

      54 products

      Choose the right Stenströms shirt model

      In the selection of Stenströms shirts, you will find different models in nice materials. Originally they were introduced to men, but today they are of course also available to women.

      On this page you will find a large selection of feminine shirts, which are designed to highlight the female body, if that is what you want - and alternatively you can choose a model that is wider in fit. Choose between, among other things, slimline and close-fitting models or go for more oversize and classic shirt models. The shirts are top drawer when it comes to quality and are made in 100% cotton satin.

      Shirts for your personal style

      Shirts are versatile in use, and therefore they can go for many different occasions and styles. Many women who wear looser pants prefer a tight-fitting shirt to balance the look, while many women conversely prefer a looser shirt if they work in tight-fitting dress pants. Likewise, there are many who prefer a narrow model if they wear a blazer over the top.

      From Stenströms, it is possible to find a shirt that meets exactly your shirt needs!