Fluo_ral Perfume 50 ml - Molecular perfume

Fluo_ral Perfume 50 ml - Molecular perfume

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The finest and gentlest notes of flowers and extracts: Rose, cedar and the mysterious Somali incense bring fluo_ral to the surface to sparkle on a moonless bay of dreams…

Unisex molecule perfume.
20% molecule and 80% natural ingredients.

The perfume adapts to your natural scent, so it is completely unique from person to person.

This is nature, only better: Paradise has been found. Nomenclature pays tribute to molecules that have pioneered the development of perfume over time and envelops the perfume in the slim flask inspired by its man-made origins. Efflor_esce is based on Paradisone®, a contemporary citrus flower molecule, used here in its purest, most valuable and powerful expression

Take yourself to sun-drenched Sicily with this radiant composition, based around paradisone: a citrus-spiked floral synthesis with an air of jasmine. This contemporary, citrus-floral molecule is supported by hints of sparkling bergamot, velvety osmanthus and sensual tuberose for an edgy take on the traditional citrus-led fragrance