Rose Amélie, Milky Body Cream

Rose Amélie, Milky Body Cream

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Pamper your body with Benamôr's delicately scented Rose Amélie recipe, a tribute to Queen Amélie of Portugal, who was one of the brand's very first fans. Infused with argan oil and beautifully scented roses, this light, milky body cream penetrates the skin like no other. It refreshes and moisturizes your skin like real rose water. Irresistibly fresh! 

The fine art deco packaging, which surrounds the irresistible beauty recipes, makes Benamôr's products ideal gift ideas.

  • Contents: 150 ml in tube
  • Suitable for all skin types - even delicate skin 

Benamôr was founded in Lisbon in 1925 by a mysterious apothecary who created miraculous salves in his laboratory at Campo Grande No.187. He packaged the salves in beautiful art deco tubes, and they became an instant hit among Portuguese beauty icons, including Queen Amélie, who was one of the brand's biggest fans. 

A century later, Benamôr's products are still produced in its own factory and developed in its own laboratories with high quality classic cosmetic, natural ingredients. Some of the recipes are unchanged since 1925. Today, Benamôr is one of Portugal's most loved beauty brands, which, with respect for history, still innovates with irresistible beauty recipes.