Mulberry clutch

Few luxury brands are associated with core leather, timeless and exclusive design and old-fashioned craftsmanship to the same degree as British ones Mulberry. Invest in a Mulberry clutch and enjoy a stylish clutch that will last both in terms of style and quality for decades. Find your favorite model among the options here and order online today. Use your Mulberry clutch both everyday and for parties, and enjoy the classic Mulberry look that makes the clutch recognizable, but at the same time makes it blend beautifully into the crowd and go with most things.

6 products

6 products

Thoughtful designs with space for the most essential

Mulberry clutches are available in an incredible number of exciting models, and if you know just a little about Mulberry's universe, many of the different designs will most likely resonate with you. Should your new Mulberry clutch be one? Darley, in Amberley or a completely third design from Mulberry?

Since Mulberry's start in 1971, Mulberry has managed to innovate with exciting designs, but at the same time stick to the classic style and good craftsmanship that shines through clearly when you take a look at our Mulberry clutches. You will find our clutches online as well as in our physical store in Horsens, and do you have questions about a special Mulberry clutch or about our other Mulberry products, you can always write to us or call us on the phone 7562 0555.