Mulberry Iris


Iris is a series of incredibly elegant bags from Mulberry, and although there is a clear design line between the products, the individual bags in the collection are also very different. The bags are available in several designs, sizes and colors with the common and easily recognizable gold-colored hardware, and we hope that you will find exactly the bag from Mulberry Iris that you are looking for when you shop here at Klosterfrøknerne.

As we are only allowed to show a limited selection of Mulberry models on the webshop, you should always look through our full Mulberry catalog to be sure to choose the right bag that matches your dreams. 

3 products

3 products

Innovative designs in the classic spirit of Mulberry

The first Iris bag was launched in 2019, and Mulberry Iris is thus one of Mulberry's newer collections. There is also something very modern about Iris, which offers many different expressions in one and the same collection. The bags are incredibly versatile and are therefore well suited for both everyday and finer use. There is something cool and insistent about Mulberry Iris, whose products easily catch the eye, after which it can be difficult to look away. We are proud to be an official Mulberry retailer and of course offer a price guarantee on all our models.

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Should your next bag for the collection be a Mulberry Iris, we hope that you will find your desired model in our range. Mulberry Iris is available in both classic and more extraordinary colors and shapes, and it's up to you to decide which of our bags will move into your home before long. Choose your new Mulberry Iris here, place your order and let us do the rest.