Hairball Trimmer, White
Hairball Trimmer, White
Hairball Trimmer, White
Hairball Trimmer, White

Hairball Trimmer, White

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It can be done....

With us LintLess Pro. Stop worrying about spicy clothes or throwing out your favorite clothes, Because it looks worn out. Spit and fuck. Your wardrobe is thus guaranteed a longer life, which saves you money and makes our planet a service.

Many people believe that clothes and home textiles are worn when speckles and other dirt get stuck. But by simply shaving the surface of your clothes with a tin remover, your textiles will look like new again. To quickly get flat clothes, put your clothes on a smooth surface and move gently. the mouthpiece over the fabric.

Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver works well on both clothes and home textiles such as knitted clothes, coats, scarves, socks, sofas, armrests and blankets. It works on all kinds of materials, even the most sensitive.

The design makes it easy to clean. And with the small brush, it is even easier to clean the machine between the knives. If the machine is suddenly running a little slowly, it may be because it needs to be cleaned for collected specks.

Charged in a USB connector.