Fiona Buffer, General
Fiona Buffer, General
Fiona Buffer, General

Fiona Buffer, General

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Real nice pajamas in classic expression with white pipings on the edge of the collar and closure. The top has small slits in the side, at the hip and similar at the end of the sleeves.

The trousers have a life running arm and a ribbon for adjustment. They have pockets and the corresponding piping on the pocket edge and the bottom on the trouser overlap.

Fiona is simple, tasty and done with the finest details. The shirt has fine white buttons and peeping edge. Both shorts and trousers have pockets and are closed with an adjustable cotton cord, And there's a fine white peeping edge at the pockets and the lower edge of the leg. There's a slit in the sleeve that makes sure nothing is tight.

The pajamas are the same size, although they may seem a little large compared to ordinary clothes. You sleep best at night when you can move freely without anything tight. Therefore, you must not sleep too small.

Material: Plain woven pima cotton

Colour: Tasty peach.

Handling and Care:

Efterbehandling: Stone washed
Weight: 110 g/m2